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29 Jun 2017

What is Lonergan Up to in "Insight"?: A Primer (Zacchaeus Studies: Theology)

by Terry J. Tekippe

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Many consider Bernard Lonergan the outstanding Catholic philosopher of the twentieth century, and his Insight: A Study in Human Understanding (1957) is a brilliant but difficult work that has challenged innumerable readers.What Is Lonergan Up to in Insight? is an accessible introduction to the leading ideas of Lonergan's massive and major achievement in which he focuses on the dynamics of scientific method.

Using Plato's Myth of the Cave as the guiding metaphor, Father Tekippe, who studied under Lonergan, introduces readers to the main ideas of...

27 Jun 2017

Teutonic Mythology, Volume 3

by Jacob Grimm

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Now that I am able to put my germinated sprout of German. Mythology into its second leafing, I do it with a firmer confidence in the unimpeded progress of its growth. When the first shy ness was once overcome, seeking and finding came more quickly together; and facts, that rebuked any effeminate doubt of the reality of scientific discoveries on a field till then considered barren, started up on every side, till now there is a glut of them. Well, I have got my joists and rafters, drawn some lines, laid some courses, and yet guarded against pretending to finality; for who would do that, so long as in one...